Young Ideas Salon and Indonesia Youth festival 2010

We are Youthlab Indonesia - www.enterthelab.com , a factory and repository of youth insight, comprised of talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment.

At this opportunity, we would like to invite you to our annual youth marketing discussion:

The 2nd Young Ideas Salon

Date    : Friday, 10th December 2010
Time   : 1pm - 5 pm
Place   : PPM School of Management - Building B, 8th Floor, Jl. Menteng Raya 9 (in front of "Tugu Tani" monument)
Theme  : Youth in Digital World and Community

The objective of the event is to share the findings on youth trends, brand leaders and behavioral insights, that I'm sure will give a beneficial insight for your company

Keynote Speakers by:
Founder and Director of Enovate China, Mr. John Wrede Solomon
Founder and Director of YouthLab Indonesia, Mr. M. Faisal

Practitioner Panelist of Pro-Panel Discussion by:
Owner and Creator of A-Box Games, Mr. Bullitt Sesariza
Owner of UNKL347 Clothing, Mr. Arifin Windarman
Author of Viral Marketing Book, Mr. James Indra Winawan
Marketing and PR of Paramadina University, Mr. Syafiq Basri
Writer and Reporter of Provoke Magazine, Mr. Yudhi Arfani
Founder and Director of S.c.a.n.d.a.l Online/Else Press, Mr. Ardo Ardhana

And consist of Young Trendsetter:
VP External Relations of AIESEC Indonesia, Firnando Buenayre Sirait
Announcer of Trax FM Radio, Dewi Hanafi
Senior Designer of Provoke Magazine, Poppie Airil

We also introduce the Indonesian Youth Festival (IYF) participated by subculture communities:
(AIESEC, Imajinasi Foundation, Mudagakorup, United Indonesia, UNKL347, Else Press, Jangan Marah Records, A Box, Fixie Bikers and many more)
IYF will be held along with Young Ideas Salon, start from 10 am to 5 pm

For confirmation to your attendance, please kindly fill the Registration Form (below) and reply to us before December 3rd 2010,
or you can confirm via http://2ndyoungideassalonjakarta.eventbrite.com/ http://2ndyoungideassalonjakarta.eventbrite.com/
We wait your positive response and see you in the event :)

Launching album "Vakansi" White Shoes and The Couples Company

on 7 November 2010 Youthlab  was invited in a press confrence launching album White Shoes & The Couples Company in "Rumah Buku/ Rineruku" Hegarmanah no 52 Bandung.  This place has always been a favorite place for  Youthlab and always referred to as a "secret place" for us. In the press conference album "Vakansi" they talk about all the processes of creation, creative ideas, and also musicians who involved in this album. This is the third release after the previous release first album in 2005 and a mini album Sekenario masa muda  in 2008. 
on Vakansi  album is slightly more different from the first album, They are stressed to his listeners to not standarize  on a specific reference about this album, they emphasize that play music do not have many rules, here is how combine some references to music from various years.  One things that makes this album success , is creative process and how they packaging  the concept. They have a unique style, a fresh concep and differiantion from other band.
In this press conference they said  “Album Vakansi is Suitcases, daily notes or memory box from experience or through days with White Shoes & The Couples Company. Notes  about a new place to go, experiencing new things, working together with legendary musicians such as Fariz RM, Riza Arshad and jazz guitarist, Oele Pattiselanno. We always assume that White Shoes & The Couples Company is Tropical, but do not forget we also come from the city laden with sparkling night, living in Indonesia archipelago who have different cultures. And back to basics, we're just young common as in general, only with a cigarette and listening playlists from the iPod, we can imagine and just spend the afternoon at in a room or just walk to the nearest shop to buy cappucinno or instant noodle concoction. So do not ever underestimate the power of young spirit” .
For me this  band gives an inspiration to young spirit. How they are always consistent and confident with their concept.  The fans loyalty localy still makes White Shoes & The Couples Company revive till now. One of the quotes from the lead vocal of White Shoes & The Couples Company  Aprilia Sari "we chose to stay in this business because this is where we can inspire many people, I am very pleased to see the enthusiasm of young people who listen our music, maybe someday they can make music a more colorful and inspire many more people".
You also can see this article in Youthlab website


Special thanks for Rumah Buku/ Rineruku and White Shoes and The Couples Company Management  for inviting Youthlab Indonesia to launching album and Press Conference White Shoes and The Couples Company 

Andini Kusuma dewi 

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