Losing weight

today is my first day losing weight program, after almost 2 weeks i don't go to gym, and i was realize that i am getting fat. Although my friends Edith always says to me that's enough andien you are thin now... hahaa and in my mind still fat and fat.. So in this morning i started with my Yoga class, i often do Yoga 3 times a week so i thought this is not the hardest part when u start Yoga class again after 2 weeks quit. After 30 minutes i do Yoga i'm fainting and my body is shake, that was so embarrassing hahahaa.... OMG i realized that i must to keep my body fit again, and balancing my life and my health. This is what happen when you don't care about your body and your health, less sleep, only having a lunch, over working and thinking and stop for work out. From now i want to declare for my self to keep my body fit again and still lose 5 kg with healthy life. do enough sleep and having a healthy food also go to gym again ... In fact i have losing 10 KG in 1 month but i was realize if my life is not balance with healthy food, i have broke my body... so my tips for losing weight is having a balance life..

have a nice day ....

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