My wonderful experience watching Jaya Suprana Concert for Lech Walesa

I want to thankful to my lovely friends Inayah and Seno who invited me to the best music concert in my life...
On 9 may 2010 located in Erasmus Huis, Jakarta Jaya Suprana was held a music concert for welcoming the 3rd President of Poland H.E Lech Walesa. It was my first experience to meet the Nobel Peace Prize winner and see the young talented musician. The show is started in 19.30 pm. The show opened performance by ensemble Tari Saman SLTA Al Ishar, I was amazed to see such a diverse culture of Indonesia, one of them is performing of " Saman dance ". I cannot imagine how the process of doing a movement so fast, definitely requires a high focus for considering each movement and rhythm. and they've done very well and that moment i dropped my first tears because I was proud and amazed with them, thumbs up for Saman dance... The other traditional dance is Fragmen Kaputren Madukoro hosted by talented dancer Patha Apsara Aylawati. in my thought only i have to learn that dance, in other to i can be like them experience the real of Indonesia culture

The other performance is from young talented pianist,
they were young and very talented to play songs from the Frederick Chopin,who Legendary pianist from Poland. Uniquely they play a song from the sharing kind tone from major to minor tones with a touch tone different strains. Like see the concert of classical music who played by the talented old pianist. I can not imagine how they did it, I was remembered what my coach often said that practice make perfect, the young pianist must practice very hard so that they can play the song. hard work would produce a result and depending on how far we are willing to learn and explore it. I was admire and learn a lot from their performances

The last performances is from three young talented players violin, piano and flute, they play a musical instrument in turn, wow ... thumbs up because they can play various kinds of musical instruments and they played the famous song from maestro Ismail Marzuki entitled "Indonesia Pusaka. A song that makes me more loving Indonesia and realized that I am the real Indonesian citizen and make my sense of nationalist rise. I love this songs so much, we have to keep this song for our children and our successors so as not to become extinct. one a half hours in this concert makes a lot learning for me to more love and respect my culture. I proud to be Indonesian and i don't want to coloring my hair again, i will keep my batik and conserve batik as a original from Indonesia,... now start from now, we have to protect our cultural property. dont ever let claims by another country. We as people of Indonesia should be proud of our culture. not only to watch the Pitt bull or Metalica concert only, instead we should get to know about traditional dance and Angklung performance. From now we have to responsible for it starts from because we care of it....

Picture Documentary by Suseno Dwinanto


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