Petualangan Naif Comics

One of Franky Indrasmoro  works  known well as  "pepeng" . The  drummer of NAIF  band is making a comic about the NAIF band trip with packaged into a funny and imajinative story, NAIF band fans here as if brought into the imagination who created by the author.
One of the unique things is how to make a creative ideas into interesting concept. The story is bloody awsome funny and  very original once played the character of the figure. The most interesting things that I found is informative stories about the historical places and events that occurred in Indonesia.This is one of the coolest thing when people using comics to communicate and promote their band. Simple and creative to remind about uniqueness of each figure. I am such a big fans of NAIF band and I feel happy when I can see my idol in a character who always reminding me. This is how to communicate marketing messages into simple terms that will be remembered by people and increase the loyalty of fans. Cant wait for the next stories ….

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