Mystic Symbol in History of tombs and ancient inscriptions

when I was cycling with my friend Edith and faisal on Sunday morning, we plan to conduct historical tours by bicycle. The initial purpose was the inscription Park located on Jalan Tanah Abang no 1  Jakarta Pusat. This Museum Taman Prasasti has a collection of ancient gravestone inscriptions and miniature tombs typical of the 27 provinces in Indonesia, along with a collection of antique hearse. Museum of 1.2 ha is an open museum featuring artwork from the past about the sophistication of the sculptors, sculptor, calligrapher and poet who fused.

Uniquely in meseum garden tour this inscription we found some mystical symbols and have a meaning in every tombstone. and the museum is located right in front of the central Jakarta government building ... wowww something very mysterious ...

In this museum collected a variety of inscriptions from the Dutch era and earlier as well as the tomb of several prominent Dutch, English and Indonesia or the Dutch East Indies, such as:  A.V. Michiels (Dutch military leader in the war Buleleng),  Dr. H.F. Roll (Founder STOVIA or School of Medicine in the days of Dutch occupation),  J.H.R. Kohler (Dutch military leader on the war in Aceh), Olivia Marianne Raffles (wife of Thomas Stamford Raffles, the former governor of the Dutch East Indies and Singapore), Kapitan Jas, his tomb is believed some people to give fertility, safety, prosperity and happiness,  Miss Riboet, opera character in the 1930's, Soe Hok Gie, a student activist movement in the 1960's
Baca secara fonetik
Here are some symbols of ancient symbols and emblems of history headstone contained there ... do you want to know what the meaning of symbols and tombstone ... let us find out ,....
many interesting places in Jakarta that can be found by cycling tour. and when cycling we can more closely experience this city. not just complain just because traffic jams and crowded, we should also be more aware to be able to reduce the volume of vehicles in this crowded city that already .... whaaa can’t wait to find something interesting again ...
interested in participating tour city by bike?  Lets’s join us ... and let's smell closer to our city's history, not just malls and entertainment venues are visited but with the love of our city's history is a step to preserve the culture and infrastructure of the city, not just complaining because of flooding and Traffic .... love your city with cycling

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