Borneo Trip "Dayak Tribes" Pampang Village

Borneo - which is derived from the name of the sultanate of Brunei - is the name used by the colonial British and Dutch to refer to the island as a whole, while Borneo is the name used by the island's eastern region that now includes parts of Indonesia. The north island (Sabah, Brunei, Sarawak) for Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. As for Indonesia territory of North Borneo, is the province of North Borneo. In a broad sense "Borneo" covers the entire island is also known as Borneo, while in the narrow sense refers only Kalimantan region of Indonesia.

I have  the opportunity to visit Borneo I was go to Balikpapan and Samarinda. This city surrounded by forests although the weather was so hot but pretty cool. One thing that I’m interested about Borneo is the original residents. Most of these islands are migrants from outside the city rarely seen native Borneo “Dayak tribe” . Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, are still maintaining their culture da tone also had to adapt to cultural development. In my mind  the Dayak tribe  have hallmark tattoo and piercing also long known as "long ears".

I was visit a village of the indigenous Dayak tribes who still retain their traditional customary village . Located 1 hour from the  Samarinda city. The trip to the traditional village was very exciting especially for me who rarely see the forest, because I live in Jakarta .

Dayak tribes who live in the village of Pampang majority are sub-ethnic Dayak Kenyah. According to some locals, the area was originally a forest. But after a number of residents who live in the area Apokayan Bulungan (once they become part of the district. Malinau) moved gradually in the 1960s, with a view to get closer to urban areas. Finally, they also find a settlement and named Pampang. Regions and even then then developed as it is today.

In the village there is a Lamin Pampang (Dayak tribal house) which was established around 1980, as a proof that the village is indeed a cultural village. In that residents Lamin Pampang cultural arts events, every Sunday at 14.00 pm s / d is completed, which can be witnessed by the visitors to pay a ticket for Rp. 15 thousand per person.

The life of residents in the village as well as the Cultural Pampang other communities. They still run the lives of the applicable customs. Some of them are still farming and hunting fish and other animals in the forest. They are familiar with the technology because it remains untouched by progress. Many also of those who work in the private sector and in government offices.

One of the reasons why they chose to move and make settlements in Pampang is because of education. Because education is very important for them. Therefore, schools are compulsory for children carried and young men and women in the village Pampang. No wonder if the village there are some schools that allows citizens to seek knowledge. Some of them are also there who have or are serving their lecture

Despite receiving modern culture from the outside, its citizens remain steadfast to maintain the cultural traditions of their ancestors, such as weaving, carving and making a variety of different crafts, as well as running regular ceremonies. Staged homes are still widely available in the village. A Customary Chief to lead the village. Just as well as other areas in the village that was also led by the Chairman of the Neighborhood Association (RT). Until now had three RT Pampang village and its population is about 850 souls of 190 heads of household. Live in the village are also several other Dayak tribes, such as Tunjung, Benuaq and Bahau, even some of the Javanese, Kutai, Banjar and Bugis, it is because there are some people who married Pampang other ethnic.

Tips to go to pampang village
1.     better use local travel agent, sometimes in hotel provide a tour guide. Range cost Rp 500.000 /person include bus, lunch , snack, tour guide and tickets
2.     sometimes the local person in pampang who wearing traditional dress set tariff to take a picture about Rp 25.000 for children and Rp 50.000 for adult. careful sometimes they ask for a photo together without notifying the prices
3.     bring the camera and video
4.     and have fun …..

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