About Me

About Me

Andini Kusuma Dewi  
I am young entrepreneur,Photographer,Researcher,Batik Lovers  "just share it" is about me and my point a view about anything, i love exploring and learning from other people ... started from this blog I hope to get a new lesson that made me grow and share with others..  

Working and Education

PT Youth labolatory Indonesia 

Event Manager and Managing Partner
Jakarta, Indonesia
Research and Marketing Consultant Company for youth

Youthlab is a factory and repository of youth insight, compirised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment.

Through etnographic research, online tracking, creative focus group discussion, and other means, we help you create a dialogue with the youths of Indonesia in the most efficient manner.

what we do :


Youthlab provides insight into youth behavior, preferences, and psychology.


Youth speak it, do it. be it. while insights of youth behaviour are priceless, taking the whole action is the whole other matter..


catch the latest insights on youth trends and lifestyle.

Youth marketing Conference


Visit us :

Youth Research and Marketing Consultant Company 


twitter : @enterthelab

Associate Partner at Defora Anugrah Perkasa
Jakarta, Indonesia 

We are organizational recovery and transformation agent, we like to see organization and corporate in Indonesia experience turning point, from good to great and even going global and able demonstrate corporate glory, so that more growth opportunity, works challenge and corporate life fulfillment can be crated, the nation can prosper as it was designed for.

We compromise of high caliber dedicated professionals, intellectual and business practitioners with wide exposure to business practice, familiar to organizational behavior, mind set, corporate culture management system and strategy. Not only wide exposure of experience and expertise, we are moved, motivated and driven with the desire to see that the country trough the industry must parade in the country trough the industry must parade in the higher station of life welfare.

What make us have such belief?
would you agree that this is the country that is has all the resources and potentials to be on the top rank, but she is not! ironically she is positioned even below the average.

visit out website




twitter : @mindspooring

Komunitas Anak Nusantara 
Co Founder

Komunitas Anak Nusantara is a community engaged in education and culture . Our focus on children and youth we communicate and teach about culture, art class, traditional games, folks story, traditional music, motivational training, summer camp, outbound for kids and youth, etc

for information : www.komunitasanaknusantara.com 
twitter/ instagram  : @kamianaknusantara

Cilik Baby Shop 
It all started when three old friends bumped  into each other through facebook.  When we finally had the chance to meet up on November 2009 and have a chat, we have an idea to start our own Online Distro for Urban Baby. The three musketeers behind mybabycilik are Andini Kusuma Dewi, Edith Faisal and Nadia Irwansyah. Mybabycilik produces freshly baked design t-shirt from Indonesia’s very owned young designers for children from 0-5 years old. Our product is unique and different. Why t-shirt? Because t shirt is one solution to keep children feel comfortable while they move around throughout their childhood days. Mybabycilik also shares useful parenting tips starting from child’s psychology, tasty menus for children, weekend and holiday getaway and also current baby celebrity news. We welcome mommy and daddy to contribute their comment regarding the tips. Besides that, mommy and daddy can also participate in our facebook and twitter discussion.
           Bandung, Indonesia
           visit us in www.mybabycilik.com 
          or add our facebook in mybabycilik@yahoo.com twitter @mybabycilik

Asian Hijab www.theasianhijab.com 

Freelance Photographer 
see my project photo on 


 contact me : girlluv_fender@yahoo.com
Facebook Andini Kusuma dewi or girlluv_fender@yahoo.com,
Twitter : @andhiniedewi

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