My Project

My Project


It all started when three old friends bumped into each other through Facebook. When we finally had the chance to meet up on November 2009 and have a chat, we have an idea to start our own Online Distro for Urban Baby. The three musketeers behind mybabycilik are Andini Kusuma Dewi, Edith Faisal and Nadia Irwansyah.
My Baby Cilik produces freshly baked design t-shirt from Indonesia’s very owned young designers for children from 0-5 years old. Our product is unique and different. Why t-shirt? Because tshirt is one solution to keep children feel comfortable while they move around throughout their childhood days.
      My Baby Cilik also shares useful parenting tips starting from child’s psychology, tasty menus for children, weekend and holiday getaway and also current baby celebrity news. We welcome mommy and daddy to contribute their comment regarding the tips. Besides that, mommy and daddy can also participate in our facebook and twitter discussion. 

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